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Title: You make me see

  You can be - whoever you want
  As long as you do whatever you long
   Just shine your love 
  And I'll be dreaming with you  

  Whatever you doooo-o-o-oooo
  wherever you goooo-o-o-oooo
  i'll follow you-uuuu-u-u-uuuu

  A 100000 light years away
  one trillion stars in the galaxy
  you make me see
  A billion colours in one butterfly
  You make me see
  Painted a love heart in the sky
  And took me by my hand
  To your galactic wonderland 

  You can cause a zunami with your angel wings
  Your heart's beating to the rhythm of the universal Big Bang
  Your love is a burning spark of the world's peace flame 
  Your kisses make me tremble like an earthquake - 10 on richter scale 

  dreams can really come true
  only with you
  When i see your magic eyes
   I'm flying through the skies
  To another planet so high
  Where love is in the air

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: March 2013

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