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Title: What's it worth?

I feel sadness and anger seeing these people laugh and plunder

Why should we watch these atrocities? It's shameful to see this is coming from humanity!

Why do some people go on the wrong side? They say that hunting can bring some money to poor regions instead.

But who is really making the big bugs? Isn't it greedy companies and psychopaths!

Hunting for trophies, no matter what, this is killing for pleasure and should not be used for economical measure.

These killings impoverish our human existence! There is no difference to the right to live for other life forms than human beings.

We must end this painful sport. Promote peaceful eco-tourism that gives a lot!

If you really care for communities, use these parks to watch and learn about life. Isn't it much better to see these animals thrive?

Can you feel in your heart, what's it worth? To see the real value of life instead of short term gain and some bugs?

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Poem/Song by Cyberstarlet

Date: September 2008

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