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Title: Trigger

One shot into the middle of my heart 
Old wounds were never healing
My heart's bleeding 
Emotions coming over me
Lost in a riddle, I fight to survive
I'm hoping to find some deeper insight

Feeling the energy flow
Thoughts and emotions
From sadness to anger 
This is no joy
I'm on a roller coaster 
Dwelling deeper and deeper
I pray to god
I'm a seeker
Won't give up the fight
Until I know what's
buried deep inside

Bubbles are bursting
True feelings erupting 
energies revealing
memories of long forgotten feelings

Buddha said you gotta detach 
One must remember oneself
Uncover your real self
Keep on dwelling 
Deeper and deeper 
 into the darkness
Facing unresolved emotions
What went so wrong?
you buried it for sooo long!

I swing down into the depths
  To discover all that caused this unrest
As I witness the sadness 
That caused all that emptiness
 I'm Feeling this great sensation
The most profound realisation
All sadness dissolving from pain
No more anger, feeling like a Jain
  What's going on inside my brain?
Feeling of freedom and bliss 
Worldpeace when I saw the abyss

Re-programming your Unconscious mind 
Chakras realigned
Upgrade your operating system
With Buddhas mediation wisdom

Feeling the energy flow
  Thoughts and emotions
Come and go
Your mind is at peace
In bliss and devotion
happiness and love
the ultimate life goal 

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: March 2013

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