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Title: Stone Re-Cycle

  Going back to our roots ... feeling great and having a snooze... dancing at the stones ... swinging round to feel the booze... now i drank and eat so fine.. ah this solstice is just mine.. mark the stones forever coming.. leave my rubbish in the morning.. celebrating is all that counts ... who cares bout the like itīs nobodyīs land... everybodyīs leaving but the place is swamped... rethink recycle reuse your cans.. itīs like the sunīs telling us ... itīs all coming back.. round like the sun every solstice year after year.. so should we think and clear the beer.. respect the site... please donīt neglet ... the place is special and nothing less... we donīt want your mess... what a disgrace... this is so bitter... people please pick up your own litter!!!

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: June 2009

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