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Title: Spiritual Perfection

All the good spirits in my life
Come to protect me 
Make me feel so gentle and light

Flowing, growing, filling my heart
With beautiful light energy
Let peace become my new state of art

I'm starting to glow 
From inside out
I found my centre
With my angels about
Keep me protected
My heart is connected
Guide my spirit 
To the places that I visit
On all my paths 
Giving that love

Let me be a pure spring
Like a fresh breath of air
Fill all the void and darkness 
With lightness and flair

Give to those who can't give
Connect and learn to forgive
Stay in your heart forever
It's now or never

Shine bright like a fountain
With all that light moving mountains
Find your true essence 
In the flow of your inner connection
Of your own spiritual perfection

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: July 2014

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