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Title: Cyberstarlet's Quotes

It's perfect time to flower with the sun at the zenith the cycle of life continues to bring new fruits and the earth mother is giving birth into a new chapter of earth history a new star rises in one fragment of a lifetime mystery

Surrender in your trust to universal guidance
All is leading to inner growth
Opening new directions on a magical journey
Into forever expanding light
Blessed with the purest potency of the essence of love
In the depth of your heart
Reaching the edge of the universe
May you find reflection in every drop of the rainbow
Back into your heart
resonating with the perfection of all colours in life

We've come too far.. now is time to see who we really are.

I know where my path is for the love that i feel in my heart forever with starkissed blessings for every living being on the Earth!
xxx One Love xxx

Conscius Ergo Sum - I am conscious therefor I am.

One Love - One Family - One Tribe - One Universe

Todo en la vida es consciente.

We wouldn't be conscious if the world around us was not conscious.

We all share a common intelligence with all beings on Earth and we are nothing without all life on Earth.

One has to have intelligence to see intelligence.

Life is about expanding consciousness... through our interactions energies are exchanged, we manifest and grow, reflecting each other... seeing oneself in a mirror, growing in awareness. By sending love, peace, happiness, freedom, respect, acceptance... The truth is ...we're sending these energies back to ourselves ...May your path be guided and blessed with the natural essence of your true being!

Changing hearts, changing worlds.

Love is changing the world.

Life is a dance to the rhythm of our hearts

You are the centre of your universe. Give yourself the gift of eternal love. 

Feel your heart, your love can reach everywhere, to the stars, your dreams, your loved ones.

Compassion and love are our teachers to experience full awareness and be fully conscious.

Without searching for love from others, you can give love unconditionally.

The unconscious becomes conscious as you see the unconscious.

The depth of the soul is a reflection of our most inner being.

Seeing the depth of one's souls is communication with an open heart.

We can't take on the world's problems on our own, but if we all change small things than can move mountains.

When you see what's going on in the world there is no time for regret. We need to use all our energy to do positive things.

  Enjoy the ride to the other side and stop worrying about what's on the other side.

Don't worry and see… All will fall into place as it's meant to be.

I'm dreaming of a whale of a change ... We must turn the tide ... We won't give up until we win!

Freedom is true as long as you truly feel free.

I'm the air that I breathe.

Wie die Welt interpretiert wird so wird sie manifestiert.
The way the world is interpeted is the way its manifested.

Thinking consciously about doing something does not mean that something is being done

Quotes by Cyberstarlet

Date: February 2012

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