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Title: Love is the Key

  Created by love, an ever-expanding ripple
shimmering in the moonshine wave
on the surface of the deepest lake, i see your face

growing in love space, is full of surprises
you hold a mirror in front of my vices

then i see that there’s an illusion
have i forgotten in all that confusion
that it's for the love for all mankind
we should stay together and not become blind

I feel your spirit touching mine
your loving is feeling so divine
you know sometimes i get so excited
i wish i could stay with you and not fight it

i want to tell the whole world that i love you
i love you, it's so simple and true

it's beautiful to see you, shine your love
it's reciprocated by the universe and above
your love makes my heart beat so wild
i feel like a sweet loving child

if you love, you just let it be... mmmm
that's the key

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: February 2010

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