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Title: London's Yearning

Looting's in the air Instead of love flair Everybody's in despair

What has come to our kids Mothers and fathers Are to dismissed

London's burning Can you hear the yearning What's missing in this place Are we pretending in disgrace? Have our children lost their faith?

Our world is a reflection What's our misconception? What's our true identity? Money, greed, power, conspiracy? Deep rooted in our society

We need community Live in unity Share and care Our true aspirations Positive identifications...

Having a whale of a time Living in peace and harmony Like a big family With all people All nations All living beings on Earth

Love education Peace celebration All starts at home. Mothers mistreating Fathers abusing Surfacing issues Hatred and misuse Poverty is lurking In the poor man's home

Where is the love gone? Where is the peace gone? Last drops overflowing? Are we now growing?

Blaming the muggers We point at each other Are we too blind to see? We all play a part to be

No separation No inequality No war No hate Justice for all

Nurture the love Bring back the peace Listen carefully Our mothers in need

Materialistic society Self-destructive human race Focus on peace Focus on love Focus on harmony Learn to respect Seek to reflect

Exploitation, power and greed Looting for trainers Killing for business What's the difference What are we teaching To our children in need Silent waters are deep

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: August 2011

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