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Title: Honour And Love Myself

  Have you ever felt that you didn't love yourself?
Find yourself blaming others for all that pain and hurt?
I feel myself so deeply
Inside me there are so many feelings
Every day in different persons and situations
Triggers certain emotions
Everybody is forever learning
  I had to learn to stand up for myself
  I had to learn to respect myself
Respect my feelings so I don't get hurt
No self pity, no sadness, just self-worth

You deal with yours and I deal with mine
Coz I can't walk your path but only mine
I now know who I am deep inside
So I forgive you for all that's been and gone
  Triggered inside my little heart

Thanks to you I know how I feel deep inside
Thanks to you I learn to respect myself
Didn't know that I have such strong emotions
  Until provoked by your projections

Nothing created by the mind is real
Only my feelings of who I am 
My deep rooted feelings 
my primal instinct and motivations
Can't go against them 
It's my ancestry life line
That gives me my deep felt identity
  "Sentio Ergo Sum"
I feel therefor I am

I let go from old emotions
They caused nothing but pain
  I let go from all that which doesn't serve no more
I manifest my positive outcome
I give myself healing instead of negative thoughts

In the moment I let go I heal my heart
No need to feel sorry or self pity 
It's all a waste of time that doesn't help nobody
If I want to progress instead of procrastinate 
I realise that only I can love myself
What was I thinking
You can't breath for me
You can't love for me
So much judgement and insecurity
I understand the meaning of unconditional love
So I can forgive and love unconditionally 
It doesn't matter what you think 
I have the wisdom to be silent and rise above

All that counts is which gift i can give to myself
  My heart fills with universal love and world peace
I give myself the worlds biggest hug
Coz no one could ever compare to this 
It's my deepest realisation
My strongest gift
  I can feel my heart's happy beat
Coz I love myself
It fills me with vitality
  I am giving thanks for my love rising in spirit and eternity
All that has ever been, is and is going to be
For all deeply felt love and peace 
The greatest gift i could ever give to myself
Is to honour and love myself

Poem by Cyberstarlet

Date: April 2013

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