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Title: Do you see your Reflection?

  Do you see your Reflection?
When you are screaming full of pain
Now it turns into anger 
From a long long time ago
Letting go isn't easy 
He was hurting you so much
  You never had a chance to meet her
what a confusing secret affair?

Frustrated you are reacting
Thinking you are acting 
On the right thing 
Right now
But that moment 
that you're fighting
Isn't there anymore!

Wake up, you've moved on.
Stop projecting all your hurt
Coz it isn't anymore

But The past is still living in your vow
How long will you allow it to last
Your nightmare of the past
Let go and heal your heart
Take the skeleton out of your closet
I help you realise 
Throw it out on the grave yard
And let the flowers grow around its heart
So that you may finally find some ease
R I P rest in peace

In the moment of letting go
Your world changes the way you sow
Creating a new reality
Of peace and harmony
So you may fly once again
And live all your dreams
Loving unconditionally

Poem by Cyberstarlet

Date: April 2013

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