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Title: Beings of the Light

I am guided by the beings of the light
I'm carried by the silence of the night
I follow my heart shining bright

I feel you breathing
Our hearts are beating
Loving and speaking

In the middle of the night
In riddles and rhymes
Energy's changing to different times

I'm feeling, i'm falling
Tumbling down, i can't keep on-holding
I disappear as things are un-folding

Are we tuned, in the same frequency?
Darkness is there to teach us to see
Light is there to guide us to be free

he ruins are broken
hey are fading, as they are outspoken
What's left is just a token

A sign of change is coming over you and me
To grow and to find new directions - what can you see?
In the midsummer's night transformation lays the key

Old energies are parting
Making way for new energies starting
Filling the void, with soft gentle love-light sparkling

In meditation and deep thought
Undoing the Gordian knot
Releasing my heart from being caught

I'm connecting with pure consciousness
No more conditioned emotional response
Rising into eternal renaissance

Bless my spirit with magic and light
I'm a rainbow warrior, reflecting all shadows from the night
I flow with pure light to the ultimate height

No more remorse
Feeling like a crystal clear quartz
I keep on shining filled with universal life-force

Just as we're reaching the midsummer night
I turn into a shooting star, shining so bright
Crossing the universe in free flight

I am guided by the beings of the light

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: June 2014

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