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Title: Anima Mundi

  Grandmother ocean - womb of the Earth
She is giving birth 
The ocean - creation of all life on Earth
Mothering, nourishing self-regulating ecosystem
From single cell to complex organisms
We all come from her unconditional giving
Billions of years of evolution
The largest being of all creations
She has soul, she is goddess, she is our life incubator
  Anima Mundi - World Soul - life's intrinsic connector 
Life's perfection
Soul connection
We are all one big family
There is no division between you and me
Whatever you do to our Earth Mother  
You are doing to yourself, her and me
Mankind is creating its legacy
It's time to rewrite human history
Listen to your heart 
Share your love with your soul mother
And listen to your heart
Beating to the rythm of life in harmony.

Poem by Cyberstarlet

Date: April 2013

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