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Title: Angels Save the World

  Since I was young I believed in you
You’re my angel and saviour when I needed you
You stayed by my side day and night
Please, my angel protect me in this world.
Lead me on my path to my destiny
Come in my dreams and talk to me
Be by my side and give me a sign
I listen to my heart all the time.

  I see people crying, they need you right now
People are dying, they’ve nothing to live.
You promised freedom for everybody.
Together we reach out for each other’s hand.

  Animals are suffering, they took their habitats
Close to extinction, they’re all dying out.
You promised peace for you and me.
Time has come, we need you so much!

  Vast forests fallen for land, rendered useless in the end.
Environmental pollution of oceans and terrestrial sand.
You promised love from your heart.
What did you say? Can you hear me today?

  The air we’re breathing, birds are falling from the sky
Blue planet’s crying, can we do something now?
Where is your heart now? Where’s your love?
Can you hear me? Can you make peace today?

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: December 2007

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