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Title: Dreamscape

The moonlight is shining bright
I'm contemplating
You're out of sight
It's the energy between us
When you are not there
It's the love that shines here
inside our hearts

Nothing can cut love bonds
Our hearts are beating 
in the distance on and on
I can hear the heartbeats so strong
we found each other 
It feels like 
I have known you for so long

Remember the moment 
you felt so close
Right in my heart 
That's where you chose
I feel your happiness 
It's all around

Angels spread their wings
I'm thinking of you at night
I'm not alone
I dream of you 
You fill my heart
Take me away into 
some beautiful space
flying so high 
into galactic dreamscape

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: March 2013

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