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Title: Declaration of Cetaceans Rights

No life can measure what we have achieved
By whaling and slaughtering, so much to be grieved
It’s time to support the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans
Protect dolphins, whales and porpoises as "non-human persons"
Intelligent beings should have a legally enforceable right to life
How can anyone not support this glorious plight?

We have the same intelligence and we are self-aware
This is why we should all care
They recognise themselves in a mirror in a short blink
Lori Marino has found that dolphins also think
Whales are very clever – and they sing beautiful songs
Listen to David Rothenberg's interspecies communication
Try to sing along

But we also know cetaceans are suffering – something is wrong
They have chronic stress – shipping traffic is to blame
With military nuclear breaching – whales end up beaching
Whales and dolphins captured for Sea World tortures
Nature’s intelligence - massacred in Taiji by ignorance
If you want to know more – watch “The Cove” and see all that gore
Japanese whaling in the name of research, whales are left in the lurch
It’s irresponsible and only for business gain
Save beautiful beings like dolphins and whales
Stand up and fight for the Declaration of Cetaceans Rights

We know that when we disrespect and harm nature
We diminish ourselves and impoverish our future
“Mother Earth is a living being”
We’re part of her indivisible breathing
Intrinsically interlinked complex ecosystems
We need them for resilience and our future existence
“All life forms have the right to exist”
That’s what the Declaration insists

“A human right to life and dignity
Is meaningless without water and wilderness”
Remember, what your life means to you
And give back that love to our Earth Mother too
For cetaceans to thrive like you and me
I wrote this song for you to see
Imagine a world with peace and no crime
We could all be having a whale of a time!

Poem written by Cyberstarlet

Date: Feb 2012

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